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Crocodile Eats Golfer – Hoax!


This tale of reptilian horor began circulating via e-mail in mid July 1998. The story was about an American crocodile (crocodylus acutus) called “Ole Mose” which ate a golfer on a hotel golf course in Palm Beach, Florida. The photograph attached to the e-mail clearly showing a human arm being pulled from the stomach of a very large crocodile. This story is a hoax!

Email contributed by Erin Thomas, Feb. 26, 2000

Subject: FW: Read story first before opening picture.

You must read this and see the picture at the end. It is just crazy…. This is a true story from Palm Beach, Florida (the proof is at the end, but read the story first).

The first foursome of the day played together to the 5th hole where one impatient golfer went ahead of the group. The remaining three finished their round and headed for the nineteenth hole to meet their less-patient friend. However, he wasn’t there…and was no where to be found. Since his car was still in the parking lot, the threesome waited two hours.

Thinking the impatient golfer might still be somewhere out on the course, they notified the clubhouse and the search was on. Of course, the impatient golfer was not located, but his clubs were found on the hole. Three days later, Ole Mose was spotted on the seventh hole and was an immediate suspect.

Ole Mose was an American crocodile that was an infrequent course visitor for over 20 years. Not too much concern was ever given Ole Mose, as he had always made a hasty retreat whenever he saw anyone coming. To make a long story even longer, after the course officials, SPCA, lawyers, citizens groups, the mayor, Palm Beach PD, and the American Crocodile Association of Southern Florida agreed, it was decided that, in order to put everyone’s mind at ease, Ole Mose should be unzipped.

Here’s what actually happened:

Event occured in 1997 in the island of Kalimantan (Indonesia). A local saltwater crocodile (Crocodilus porosus) started eating contractors on the bench of a river, near a development project and terrorizing locals. Number of casualties are unknown but they are not limited only to the victim in the photo, he ate at least two people. He was shot by the government officials after being found residing in one of the large conductor pipes.


And here’s a video of a giant crocodile caught in East Kalimantan

YouTube Preview Image



YouTube Preview Image

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